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Bubba Watson isn't happy at Valhalla right now -- and the world has taken notice

August 08, 2014

Bubba Watson's week at Valhalla began with criticism over his odd refusal to participate in the PGA of America's revived Long Drive contest. Now he's taking more heat for his behavior on the course.

In the second round of the PGA Championship, Watson is playing in the rain and he doesn't seem to be having much fun. The Twitter world is noticing.

Here, the rain bothers Watson to the point he has his caddie, Ted Scott, tee up a ball for him:

Here, he starts complaining about the wet conditions affecting his shots:

Here, he complains more about the conditions affecting his shots:

By the way, the guy who "can't play golf" was two under on his round at that point.

He was still two under when he hit this tee shot on No. 18. Caution: His reaction is NSFW.

Did you have trouble hearing that? Here's a transcript:

Bubba cursing doesn't happen often, right?

Didn't think so. Not exactly the kind of history the reigning Masters champ was looking to make this week.

To be fair, Watson was one of three golfers (Rory McIlroy and Martin Kaymer) who fans could watch on Friday before full TV coverage began at 1 p.m. People are focused on his every shot, but he should know better. And again, why all the misery when he's playing well?

Here's a sampling of other reactions on Twitter:


UPDATE: Watson took to Twitter to offer this on Friday afternoon: