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Bubba Watson helped design these G/FORE Masters high top golf shoes

April 06, 2016

During the Masters, Bubba will be wearing G/FORE gloves that you can buy on their site, but what you can’t buy are the shoes that he and G/FORE founder Mossimo Giannulli worked together to design.

Three pairs of custom shoes came out of the collaboration. Two pairs of Gallivanter IV.0 shoes:

gfore Mens_Crossover_09.jpeg
gfore Mens_Crossover_08.jpeg

And finally, the high-top.

gfore HighTop_Pair.jpeg

Bubba’s never been shy about adding some color to his golf gear; there's no missing his pink driver. The high tops he helped design make just as big of a statement.

“I love their unique vision and their crazy colour schemes,” says Bubba of G/FORE. "They have definitely raised the bar for golf fashion.”

G/FORE says they have sent all three shoes to Bubba and are letting him choose which ones he'll put into play this week.

And for those of you wondering if you can get a pair of Bubba's shoes, you can't. Well, not exactly. You can pre-order online this week white and black versions of all of these shoes, the Gallivanter shipping at the end of April and the high-top in July.