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Bubba Watson shows you how to hit a draw—and turn it into a hook


We all remember Bubba Watson’s wedge shot out of the trees on the second playoff hole at the 2012 Masters. Who could hook a 52-degree wedge some 40 yards and stop it 15 feet from the hole? Bubba could—and did—and it led to his first of two Masters victories. It remains one of the most spectacular shots in the modern major era.

Bubba is known for his ability to shape the ball, sometimes out of necessity but often because he simply sees shots differently than other players do. “The straight ball is the hardest to hit, so I like to curve it,” he explains. “When the pin is on the left, I want to cut it in there,” Bubba says. “When the pin is on the right, I like to draw it in.”

When setting up for a draw, Bubba says to start by closing your stance to the target. Then, think about swinging on more of an in-to-out path. Lastly, focus on releasing your wrists through the ball. “What I do at impact is roll the wrists to help the ball have that spin, so it’ll curve,” Bubba says.

Watch his full demonstration below:

If you’re looking to create a more severe draw—like that hook Bubba hit at Augusta—he says simply roll the wrists faster. Clearly, Bubba plays more by feel than swing mechanics. Every golfer knows producing shots like that takes a lot of trial and error, especially if you want to try it with a major championship on the line! Then again, like Bubba says, hitting curves can be easier than hitting straight balls.

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