Bryson DeChambeau says added pop has "opened new boundaries I never thought were possible," hits 375-yard drive to prove it

January 24, 2020

Bryson DeChambeau's "growing pains" might be over. Following some early struggles with his bulked-up body, DeChambeau is one shot off Eddie Pepperell's lead at the European Tour's Omega Dubai Desert Classic. And his added power is turning heads—including his own.

"Well, it's opened new boundaries that I never thought were possible, to be up front with you," DeChambeau told reporters in Dubai after a Friday 67. "I don't know necessarily how to control all of it yet, but I'm getting to the place where I'm starting to learn with driver what I need, under the gun, in certain conditions, a left-to-right wind, a left-to-right wind, to do and how to apply that power in a way that's going to keep me in the fairway and allow me to have more scoring opportunities. So it's a gigantic leap for me."

Speaking of gigantic, there was a 375-yard bomb that led to a birdie on the third hole. Even Brooks Koepka might have been impressed by that. And how about this mighty lash DeChambeau took on No. 17 in which the 26-year-old set up another birdie by nearly driving the green while more resembling a Long Drive contestant than a five-time PGA Tour winner:

Forget about Koepka, even John Daly would salute that grip-it-and-rip-it cut.

DeChambeau is the defending champ in Dubai, but he looks a lot different in his return after an off-season that saw him put on some 30 pounds of muscle.

"It has felt a little bit different, but I'm lucky enough that I've got a system where I kind of go back to these biomechanical governor sorts of things and it allows me to repeat motion more consistently, albeit at those higher speeds I can't do the exact same thing. It allows me to repeat motion a little bit easier," DeChambeau said of his recent physical transformation. "So I'm still working through that. It does feel a little bit different, but again that's why I'm working on it and I'm trying to experiment and see what the future holds for me on that. I want to see what I can do."

So do we, Bryson. But if you're going to swing out of your shoes like that, you might not want to stand so close to the tee marker.