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Bryson DeChambeau doubles down on cameraman comments: 'it's just obsessive'


Gregory Shamus

By the laws of 2020, when the news cycle moves faster than a downhill, left-to-right three-foot putt, all Bryson DeChambeau had to do was apologize for taking a cameraman to task on Saturday at the Rocket Mortgage Classic. His comments, misguided at best and downright oblivious at worst, would have quickly been forgotten. Winning cures all, as we know.

DeChambeau sort of did that during his victory press conference, saying he “respects everybody.”

“I think people took it the wrong way and I’m sorry that they did so,” he added.

OK, maybe not the greatest apology, but at least he mixed in the word “sorry.” But even after that, he couldn’t quite help himself.

“I just felt like a minute long for videoing me was kind of a little weird, but we talked it out and it was all great, no issues whatsoever. So, I appreciate what they do, appreciate everybody that works hard out here to provide great entertainment.”

By the sound of it, he still didn’t quite get what irked some folks who were critical of his comments, but again, the news cycle moves quickly. Most of the discussion topics on Monday morning have revolved around DeChambeau’s game.

It doesn’t move as quickly when you double and triple down, however, which is exactly what DeChambeau did during a Twitch stream on Sunday night.

“The guy was videoing me for a minute after a shot,” DeChambeau said, “like a full minute. That’s just, it’s just obsessive. It’s not the cameraman, it’s nobody’s fault, there’s just got to be a little bit of respect, that’s all.

“I understand it’s his job, absolutely, I’m not saying he didn’t do his job. I’m saying that if he videos you for a minute after you hit a shot, trying to get you to capture something where you could potentially get mad? No, that’s ridiculous, I wasn’t going to get mad anyway. It was just like he was trying to catch me, like he was being a—I don’t know, it wasn’t respectful. And that’s one of those things that’s just not right, that’s all it is. Not a big deal. Much respect for everybody out there, no issues. People are going to make a big deal out of nothing, it was a nothing burger.”

Here’s the full clip, captured by’s Luke Kerr-Dineen:

When DeChambeau leans into something, he leans all the way in. Apparently, that trait is not limited to his golf game.