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Bruce Jenner will discuss learning how to play golf with breasts on his upcoming docuseries

April 28, 2015

Bruce Jenner's big interview with Diane Sawyer was mostly serious in tone and carried an important message. Apparently, his upcoming docuseries will have a different feel.

TMZ reports the eight-part series will include its share of lighter moments and that Jenner's "golf game will be front and center." That will include Jenner discussing what it's like to learn how to play golf with breasts.

A source told TMZ: "If all you have is a downer, you don't have a show." Instead, the show will be a mix of "the dark moments, the lighthearted moments and moments that are just plain hilarious."

Jenner, 65, didn't start playing golf until he was 50 when his ex-wife, Kris, got him a membership at Sherwood Country Club. "I didn't know whether she was just trying to get me out of the house, was sick of me, or what," he said in a 2009 column he wrote for Golf Digest.

Jenner has played in the Bob Hope Classic Pro-Am (now the Humana Challenge) and golf helped him get through his breakup with Kris after 22 years, according to Jenner's son, Brody. Little did we know at the time,there was a lot more going on with Jenner. We hope his love of golf helps him get through his latest transition as well.