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Must Be Nice

Brooks Koepka had a priceless reaction when informed he won a $4 million bonus on live TV

October 16, 2023

Brooks Koepka was well aware of the $4 million first-place prize he'd just won. After all, it wasn't his first LIV Golf rodeo in Jeddah having won the event last year. But his latest victory also earned him an additional $4 million in bonus money. And apparently he had no clue.

Koepka's win propelled him to third in the season-long standings that were topped by Talor Gooch. And although the five-time major champ didn't receive the $18 million prize for first, $4 million is a nice little parting gift.

Anyway, here was Koepka's priceless reaction when informed about the bonus during his post-round interview on live TV. Or live streaming. Or whatever the kids are calling it these days. You get the point. Koepka didn't have a clue—not that he wasn't happy to be informed about his latest haul.

"I did? Oh. Sweet, that's a good feeling, that's a good feeling," Koepka says in the clip. "I'm rich, thanks for breaking that news."

Must be nice, huh? Congrats to Koepka. We'd make a new dad "diapers are expensive" joke, but at this rate, Brooks could buy his own Huggies plant.