Of course Brooks Koepka made an ant joke at Bryson DeChambeau’s expense

If you think Brooks Koepka doesn’t see and hear everything that goes on in golf, you are sorely mistaken. As much as he tries to play the “I like to get away from the game, I don’t pay attention to anyone else” card, it’s becoming quite clear that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Case in point, his latest and greatest subtle shot at Bryson DeChambeau, who he may or may not have accused of taking steroids on Twitter just a few weeks ago. Well, actually, it was just a GIF of legendary “Eastbound & Down” character Kenny Powers confronting steroid allegations in the fictional HBO show, but most of us put two and two together.

This time, Koepka took aim at DeChambeau’s fire ant discussion with a rules official from Thursday at the WGC-FedEx St. Jude Invitational. The Mad Scientist attempted to get relief from a “dangerous situation” involving the insects, but to no avail. He eventually made double bogey.

Naturally, DeChambeau was mocked on social media, and Koepka piled on after pulling his drive into the rough during his second round. Following a few practice swings, Koepka pointed to the ground with his club and said to his caddie Ricky Elliot “there’s an ant.” Elliot, taking it seriously, went to look, only for Koepka to say “naw, I’m just kidding.” Knee slapper!

Nothing like cracking yourself up, am I right? But seriously, it was a well-timed joke from Brooksy, who probably could not wait to bring it out when the time was right. He and DeChambeau, and their little rift, may rub some folks the wrong way, but no one can say it isn’t entertaining.