124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

It's Me, Jordan

The Open 2021: Jordan Spieth arrives without credential, still gets in because he's Jordan Spieth

Word on the street was that Jordan Spieth took his putter back home with him on Saturday evening following his stunning short par miss at the 18th green. His arrival on Sunday afternoon at Royal St. George's seemed to confirm that rumor:

Naturally, the speculation has already begun on Twitter. Was he rolling five-footers on the carpet all night? Did he take it back and put it in timeout as punishment? Did he sleep with it? Impossible to say or know. 

What we do know - Spieth was so preoccupied with his trusty flat stick that he completely forgot his tournament credential. After slamming the door on his courtesy Benz, Spieth had only his putter and a duffel bag in hand. He was briefly stopped by credential-checker guy, but promptly let in because he probably said something along the lines of "It's me, Jordan Spieth":

When you've won the Open Championship, doors seem to open for you at the Open Championship. Kind of how it works. 

Something you'll also notice is that Spieth arrived almost a full two-and-a-half hours early for his tee time, and judging by the whole putter thing he probably didn't sleep at all. He's either shooting 60 or 80 and it's going to be one hell of a ride either way.