Random Daggers

British Open 2023: Watch Viktor Hovland back away from a shot after getting "shat on" by a bird

July 20, 2023

As if Royal Liverpool didn't provide enough challenges to golfers on Day 1 of the Open Championship, Viktor Hovland also had to deal with an unexpected interruption to his round. And not a pleasant one at that.

As Hovland prepared to hit his second shot on the par-5 15th hole, he suddenly backed away and glanced down at his sleeve. "I just got shat on," you could hear the 25-year-old Norwegian saying before exchanging a laugh—and a towel—with his caddie. Have a look:

That's rough. Although, at least it didn't get on those white pants. And as NBC Sports' Dan Hicks and Paul Azinger pointed out, some people say getting pooped on by a bird is good luck. Hey, it happened to me a few weeks ago on my golf trip and I went on to claim our green jacket.

Back to Hovland, after regrouping, he put his second shot up by the green, hit a good chip, but then missed a birdie attempt from about five feet. So . . . not exactly brimming in good fortune. Yet.

Anyway, good luck the rest of the way, Viktor. Both with avoiding birds and making birds. And, hopefully, wherever you're staying has a washing machine.