Destiny calling?

British Open 2017: Is this old Jordan Spieth photo an omen of things to come?

July 21, 2017

SOUTHPORT, England — We’re not entirely sure Jordan Spieth is the superstitious sort, although the decision to hang on to lucky piece of gum during Thursday’s first round of the Open Championship offered a little clue that he just might be.

If so, he might want to take a peek at this gem of a photo that the AJGA retrieved from the wayback machine.

Indeed, look closely and you can see that’s a British Open 2008-logoed shirt that the decidedly youthful Spieth (and we thought he still looked young now!) is wearing with Royal Birkdale spelled out below. The AJGA says the photo is from a 2010 event.

OK, so perhaps superstitious isn't the precise type of voodoo this image evokes. Foreshadowing? Premonition? Prophesy? (OK, maybe that's a little extreme, too.)

Whatever you want to label it, seven years later, Spieth held a share of the lead after Round 1. Maybe winning the British Open at Birkdale is destiny for Spieth.


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