Golly! Darn it!

British Open 2017: Here's a video of Matt Kuchar repeatedly getting censored (kind of)

July 20, 2017

Matt Kuchar surged into contention on Thursday at the British Open on the heels of an outward-nine 29, meaning the always-smiling 39-year-old got a ton of airtime.

For anyone who has watched Kuchar for any extended period, you know his penchant for usingG-rated exclamations like "Golly!" or "Gosh darn it, Matt!" to express his displeasure on the golf course. So that's why this well-done video from Skratch has us cracking up, and it's worth your time, too.

Don't expect the NBC/Golf Channel folks to need the tape delay this weekend if Kuchar continues his strong play. And for any of us who struggle to control our emotions when we hit a bad shot, maybe we could learn a little from Kuch.

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