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Brit cited for drunkenly stealing, driving golf cart

December 04, 2015

Be careful of that extra glass of egg nog at your golf club's holiday party, or you may end up like this poor English bloke.

James Hazzleton, a 25-year-old marshall at Channels Golf Club in Little Waltham, Essex, was spotted by police swerving a golf cart outside the course's confines. When stopped, Hazzleton told enforcement, "I am a *****. I nicked a golf cart."

You're not going to believe this, but booze was involved. Twice the legal limit, to be exact.

"He was going home when he took the golf cart which had a key in,” said Hazzleton's lawyer, Mary Buxton in Hazzleton’s defense. "He had a mile to go home and jumped in."

Hazzleton was cited for drunk driving, as well as driving without a license or insurance. He is banned from driving for 18 months.

Somewhere, Bill Murray nods in solace.