Bridgestone XW-1 wedgeNovember 14, 2017

Bridgestone XW-1 wedge offers company's latest update on forged feel

Forged design is available in six lofts, features teardrop shape and tour grind sole with heel and toe relief

The new Bridgestone Tour B XW-1 wedge takes a cue from the company’s well-known presence in the golf ball business, specifically focusing the line on feel.

It’s not surprising that a company known primarily for its golf balls is focused on feel, said Bridgestone’s Zack Kupperbusch: “For anyone who thinks of Bridgestone as just a great golf ball company, the XW-1 wedges are a prime example of the insanely high quality of our clubs. Bridgestone Golf emphasizes feel through unmatched forgings and true innovations.”

The Tour B XW-1 wedges’ focus on feel starts with a one-piece forged construction of 1020 carbon steel, similar to that found in the company's Tour B irons, introduced last year. Each of the six lofts also features a forged mass centered behind the face to provide more solid feel for center strikes. Further on the feel front, the XW-1’s teardrop shape was developed through input of Bridgestone’s staff of professional golfers, and the “tour grind” sole provides heel and toe relief on the sole for increased playability from a variety of lies.

The XW-1 wedges also reveal the progression of the company’s understanding of spin. Prior Bridgestone wedges used a general swirled milling pattern (2014) and milled lines between the grooves (2015) to improve spin. Instead, the XW-1 features parallel milled lines between each groove, aimed at providing more consistent spin on partial shots around the green.

Available in both satin and black finishes, the XW-1 wedges are available in six lofts (50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degrees). Scheduled to be at retail on Jan. 3, the XW-1 wedges will feature the True Temper DG Spinner shaft ($140).