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Bridgestone's Tour B Mindset golf balls: What you need to know

February 04, 2024
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What you need to know: Drafting off its recent release of its new Tour B golf balls, Bridgestone takes another step by offering its four models (X, XS, RX and RXS) with Mindset. More than a simple golf-ball ornamentation, Mindset was developed with staff player Jason Day and his long-time mental coach, Jason Goldsmith, homing in on Day’s pre-shot routine and visualization to arrive at the final pattern.

Price/Availability: Available in stores Feb. 16, the Mindset balls cost the same as the standard versions at $50 a dozen.

3 Cool Things

1. Commit to the process. Being more than an interesting stamp on a ball, Mindset requires the golfer to put in a little work. That’s not always easy to do with golfers seeking magic elixirs and immediate gratification.

In this instance, it is a commitment to the Mindset process. “Jason Goldsmith and I worked together to develop a pre-shot system that went beyond the simple visualization I did when I was a kid,” said Day. “He understood how critical pre-shot visualization was to my game, but also knew I needed a more structured, complete routine. Now Bridgestone has made the Mindset process available to all golfers, which is going to be a game changer for a lot of people.”

2. Red, yellow, green, go!! That process involves three steps: Identify, visualize and focus, with each associated with one of the colored circles.

The first step has players looking at the outer, red circle of the graphic. This is the identify aspect and requires the player to identify the target and gather information regarding distance, wind conditions, club selection, and shot shape. The next step moves on to the inner yellow circle which is to visualize the shot shape to the target. The final step is the green dot which promotes full focus on execution.

“You kind of hone in and the colors are a little bit like when drag racing,” said Dan Murphy, president of Bridgestone. “With your red, yellow and green, you kind of build up to where you're going with the green which means go and you're executing the shot. It took probably 20 to 25 different iterations to get it right.”

3. Tour tested. Day’s involvement and commitment to Mindset cannot be understated as anytime a former World No. 1 is persuing something, it typically warrants a look. Day started playing the ball in competition at The Sentry in Hawaii in January but the Mindset process is nothing new for him. Day has worked on the process for several years and now simply has a visual clue to assist the process.