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Bridgestone's new e6 addresses average golfer needs at an appealing price

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For 15 years Bridgestone’s e6 ball has held strong appeal for average golfers seeking a straighter flight and something a little softer on the wallet than a tour-caliber ball. The original was a three-piece construction, but two years ago the company went to a two-piece model with a softer core. It continues down that path with its latest iteration of the e6, continuing the ball’s reign as the longest-running model in the company’s line of golf balls.

Using a slightly larger core (which means a slightly thinner cover), Bridgestone has produced a soft, 45-compression ball designed to assist moderate swing speeds.

A key characteristic of the ball is reduced spin for a straighter flight, in addition to the soft feel. The two are designed to work hand in hand, as the low compression is designed to produce less spin on mis-hits. Bridgestone has long held with its “e” family of balls that the softer construction helps reduce slice and hook spin for a straighter flight, leading to better overall distance for average golfers compared to some multi-layered urethane cover balls aimed at better golfers.

"Going into this with the e6 we were looking at the data from Golf Datatech and the National Golf Foundation showing the evolution of the golfing public today versus who it historically has been,” said Bridgestone’s Elliot Mellow. “You have new golfers and returning golfers. Looking through that lens we wanted to produce a ball suited for those types of players. We knew we needed a larger core that was easier to compress for ball speed along with forgiveness. The cover is a little softer, too, to enhance the feel.”

The ball also boasts a gradational core, which is softer in the center for forgiveness and firmer on the outside for speed. “That was what allowed us to make it softer but not lose any speed,” said Mellow. “It almost makes it behave like some three-piece balls. We’re trying to get as much as we can out of a two-piece construction at an entry-level price point.”

In stores Feb. 26, the new Bridgestone e6 will be offered in white and optic yellow. Retail price is $22 a dozen.