Brian Cashman botches the hell out of Ariana Grande's name in an attempt to appeal to the youngins

December 18, 2019

Brian Cashman did it. He got his white whale in Gerritt Cole, who the Yankees GM inked to an absurd nine-year, $324 million contract, a record for a pitcher. It was a stones-on-the-table type signing, a message to everybody that the Yankees are still very much the Yankees. So you'll have to forgive Cashman if he was feeling himself at Cole's introductory press conference on Wednesday morning.

Cashman was so giddy, in fact, that in an attempt to appeal to the younger crowd, he quoted an Ariana Grande song. The problem? Cashman referred to her as "Adriana Grande," and when quoting her famous "Thank you, next" lyric, he said "Next ? Thank you next?" Enjoy the clip in all its boomer glory:

As many were quick to point out on Twitter, this is quite literally a reenactment of the "how do you do, fellow kids?" Steve Buschemi meme:

The "ok, boomer" craze might be the worst thing that's happened in 2019, which I realize is saying a lot, but this is one of the great boomer moments of our time. Trying to quote an extremely famous pop star, completely botching her name AND basically changing the lyrics of the song you're attempting to quote. Boss moves only from Cashman. Perhaps he was just introduced to Adriana Ariana by this mystery woman who was seen standing next to him during the ALCS:

Or, maybe he's just a member of the Grande Gang, which is a name I just made up for Ariana Grande's fan club. You can keep that one for free.