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Breakthroughs in golf-shirt design and beer transportation

August 27, 2016

Nick P., the Sunday Morning Group's Jordan Spieth of beer-chugging, works for Custom Ts 'n More, a company that, among other things, embroiders cool stuff on golf shirts. Here's Nick last weekend, at my club's annual men's member-guest tournament, wearing one of his custom golf shirts:


Recently, Nick's company acquired a machine that prints on fabric, in full color, and Nick used it to make shirts for him and Carl, his regular guest. The image he chose was a photograph that someone took at last year's member-guest. It shows Klinger and Fritz (during a low moment for Fritz) at the big poker game on Saturday night. Nick was worried that the ink would run on the fabric, which is synthetic, but he primed it somehow, or something, and everything came out great. All SMG shirts from now on will take advantage of this remarkable technology:


Nick and Carl were the defending champions, so during the big steak dinner on Friday night Corey, our pro, made them sit by themselves, at the Champions Table. I don't know who the third place setting was supposed to be for:


And here are the steaks:


A second major innovation introduced at this year's member-guest was the Arctic Zone insulated beer backpack. Fritz bought one at CVS for less than the cost of two sleeves of Pro V1s, and he was able to fit a full case into it. It freed his hands for other functions, such as swinging a golf club, caddying for Nick and Carl during the closing shoot-out, and holding additional beer:


Fritz and Klinger are long-time member-guest golf-shirt innovators. Their wardrobe last weekend included this shirt, from Loudmouth Golf -- now unfortunately out of stock in every size except small: