Travelers Championship

TPC River Highlands


Breaking 100

June 13, 2007

Photo: Dom Furore

When you're trying to break 100, you don't know what your problem will be on any given day. Keeping tabs on your full-swing grip and developing the ability to judge speed on the greens will quickly add consistency to your game—and scores. You're not going to always hit good shots, but you'll be able to do more with your misses.

You've heard about grips that are too strong and too weak, but what does that mean? You want to form your grip so that both wrists hinge in the same direction. That'll automatically help you swing better. The creases between your hands and thumbs should point to your right shoulder. Grip it too weak—with the creases pointing at your chin—and you won't be able to hinge your wrists. Grip it too strong—creases pointing outside your right shoulder—and you'll snatch it quickly to the inside. Also, make sure you keep the handle in your fingers.