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Any Way You Slice It, The Setup Is Key

August 02, 2010

An out-to-in swing path with an open face produces the most common ball flight for those trying to break 100: the slice. Slicers typically set up with the feet more closed than the shoulders, then pull across the ball (above). Make one easy adjustment: Square your body lines at address (above, inset).


Push through and out with your right hand instead of pulling across with your left. Practice pushing your right palm down to the ball (right). Also, practice with the ball back in your stance to promote an in-to-out swing. Close the shoulders slightly in relation to the feet, starting the ball right. Do it slowly to feel the in-to-out path and the face squaring up.

is based at The Club at Olde Stone in Bowling Green, Ky. He works with Kenny Perry, J.B. Holmes and a number of other tour players. Read more about Matt Killen.