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Brave golfer fends off armed robbers at jewelry store in crazy security cam video

November 07, 2023

The details are limited here, but this video is too crazy not to share—especially since it appears no one got hurt.

Essentially, two armed robbers walked into a jewelry story and wound up running out of it due to the quick actions of one brave golfer. How do we know he's a golfer? Because the dude was adjusting his golf bag behind the counter when the action started! We told you this video is crazy!

There's no sound in this insane security footage, but as soon as the guy realizes he's in for trouble, he pulls out a gun and starts firing. And the two robbers flee without any jewels—or golf clubs for that matter. Have a look:

Just an absolutely wild scene. And those look like nice clubs! The guy must be be a serious player. They also look new, which might help to explain why he was so intent on defending his turf.

Anyway, according to the Instagram handle @DallasTexasTV, "Detectives are looking for two men who attempted to rob a jewelry store in Mesquite last week."

It's unclear if the robbers have been caught—or if the store worker made his tee time. But we're rooting for both of those things. In no particular order.