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Brandel Chamblee says he's blocked 20,000 -- 20,000! -- people on Twitter

March 03, 2017

Scott Halleran

Though he works for a competitor, we are big backers of Brandel Chamblee. He's not one for platitudes, has no qualms sparring with pros or partners and has been an excellent guest on our podcast. For a sport dealing with issues on the broadcast front, Chamblee is a beacon of light.

In that same breath, we were blown away by his recent revelation on that he's blocked 20,000 -- 20,000! -- people on Twitter.

Chamblee's article deals with etiquette and protocol when interacting on Twitter. It's an appropriate subject, given the lawless nature of social media. And though Chamblee has numerous good points and observations, we can't get over the following passage:

"I have an informal approach to the interaction that I have on Twitter, in that I view it as a party at my house: Come on in, argue if you see fit, but if you start breaking dishes, you have to go. I can smell rudeness a par-5 away. Hence, I block on average about 10 people a day, which means I have blocked around 20,000 people in my six-plus years on Twitter."

The 54-year-old certainly can be a divisive figure, so we can only imagine that amount of vitriol thrown in his direction. But 20,000 blocks? He only has 110,000 followers! Is the medium really that inundated with vile, despicable exposition, or does Chamblee just not like it when people disagree with him?

(Checking personal Twitter notifications and callouts...)

You're right, Twitter is the worst.