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Boys will be boys

September 05, 2009

Or rather, it's good occasionally to see that golfers aren't all humorless.

Ian Poulter had a series of posts on Twitter detailing how he spent part of his Friday night, in the aftermath of a round that has him in danger of missing the cut in the Deutsches Bank Championship:

-- Had early dinner with terry(caddy), had some fun, i had a fake $100 dollar bill thats sticky, i positioned it by the entrance of the bar

-- And we had about 15 people go down to pick it up but it was stuck to the floor, childish i know but really funny, we even got Frank Nobilo

-- Little things please little minds, Carlos who manages Sergio was our first casualty, it went from there. i should have had my camera rolling

-- I wonder if Frank will admit on air tomorrow that he was caught. i would love it if he did, i cant repeat what he said when we laughed.

-- Then we got paul casey's caddy(wee man) he left his pint so we coated the rim of his glass with tabasco sauce, his lips were on fire.

-- John Strege