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Boy who went viral for crying over new baseball bat hits homer with it, and it gets better...

You couldn't script this story if you tried.

Potential dad of the year, Devon Fowler, posted a video last summer of his son Braheim's reaction to seeing his new birthday present. The gift? A slick new baseball bat that literally had his son in tears. If you've never seen the video, check it out below, and make sure you have a box of tissues handy:

We never got to see what Braheim did with his shiny new toy, however...until today, that is.

Almost a year later to the day, Devon Fowler happened to pull out his camera behind the right field fence as Braheim stepped to the plate with his birthday present. If you're thinking "here comes the homer", you're right, but it gets even better:

That's right. Not only did Braheim's dad make the catch, but he kept the camera rolling the whole time. Did we say potential dad of the year before? Let's make that official now.