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Books: 'The Adventures of Birdie and Bogey'

March 29, 2011

Randy Guyton played golf at Vanderbilt and later was an editor at Links Magazine, who wanted to introduce his sons to golf. They were four and five at the time.

"It wasn't exactly a Hallmark moment," he said. "One kid was in a sand trap making snow angels, and they were throwing golf balls at each other. I thought, 'there's got to be a way to do this.' When the kids were starting to get into other sports, they had all these books that explained the basics of those games, that gave them a basic understanding. It ocurred to me that I'd never seen anything like this in golf."


The culmination of that experience is "The Adventures of Birdie and Bogey: Learning the Game of Golf," a children's book that Guyton wrote as a means of introducing kids to the game.

"I tried to make it an educational book," said Guyton, who lives in the Atlanta area, "but also an entertaining story."

It's for kids of ages four through eight or nine, he said. "Parents can read it to their kids when they're four, and when they're old enough to read it's easy enough for them to read it themselves," he said.

The book is available at

-- John Strege