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A BOLD Tiger Woods prediction for 2024


Mike Ehrmann

Predicting that Tiger Woods will win again in 2024 is hardly a "bold" prediction anymore. After seeing him healthily strut around at the Hero World Challenge and the PNC Championship, it almost feels inevitable that the GOAT will get his hands on another trophy under the right circumstances.

Predicting how many times he wins, or that he doesn't win at all, has become the much gutsier prediction for the Big Cat's 2024 outlook. On this week's episode of The Loop podcast, one of our hosts takes a hard stance on this particular topic. 

Below, you can hear the full episode, complete not only with Tiger predictions for 2024 but predictions for all four majors and even some fashion predictions in the wake of Jason Day teaming up with Malbon. A lot of guys are going to look a lot different on the course this year, that we know. 

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