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This hilariously clever punching bag golf cart attachment is the stress reliever you didn’t know you needed

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October 11, 2022

You could say it started off as a gag, an inside joke, a way to (funnily) optimize time on the course. Steven Schnobrich, now 23, wanted to make a “golf cart punching bag” for him and his uncle. In 2018, the pair began trying prototypes. At the time, Schnobrich was completing his finance and economics degree at the University of New Hampshire, where he made full use of the school’s Entrepreneurship Center, a lab and makerspace with all the tools and gadgets a creative student with an idea can desire: 3D printers, a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine, laser-cutter, engraver, and plenty of workspace.
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After tinkering and engineering, Schnobrich crafted his first Bogey Bag and took it to the course. Even though the initial prototype was “hardly functional,” he said people still loved it. “I decided to run with it from there,” Schnobrich said.

Now, Schnobrich is the co-founder and president of Bogey Bags. The website showcases the bag as a healthy form of stress-relief while still embracing the bag’s very human, and very playful genesis. A video on the homepage shows a player jokingly running to the cart to get a good punch in after a swing that didn’t quite go as planned, while another shot shows a pair of golfers playfully punching the bag while zooming around the course.
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The bags, which are being sold for $99, can be attached to most standard golf carts and each purchase comes with the necessary fastenings as well as an air pump to get the premium speed punching bag up and running. In a sign of their widespread appeal, the bags are currently sold out due to demand; but they’re available for pre-order and will be shipped out this month, making this the perfect holiday gift for your favorite sore loser cart buddy.