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Bobby Knight once had an instructional golf show and it looked awesome

December 12, 2013

Legendary college basketball coach Bobby Knight is as well-known for his temper as he is for the three NCAA Championships he won at Indiana University. Therefore, it shouldn't be any surprise to learn he can get a little hot under the cardigan on the golf course as well.

In a clip of golf-related outtakes, Knight is shown hitting balls, reading scripts for commercials, and of course, getting very frustrated and cursing. A lot. If you've seen this before we apologize, but it's worth your time again -- if you don't mind the explicit language.

"Sometimes people have to be shown more than told." Well said, Bobby. We're sure your golf show was chock full of instructional nuggets like that as well. If only we could see it. . . . Wait, you can buy "Golf Your Way"?! Is it too late to change my Christmas list?