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Blair O'Neal says random guys propose to her all the time

January 21, 2014

ORLANDO -- Blair O'Neal, who won our second annual Golf Digest Hottest Golfer Contest, was a fixture at the Cobra-Puma tent at the PGA Show's Demo Day on Tuesday. In between hitting trick shots, signing autographs and posing for pictures with people, we took a moment to pick her brain about the stuff that's really important.

On winning Golf Digest's Hottest Golfer Contest

"What do you say to that? It's awesome. It's very flattering that people take the time to go online and vote for me. It's really sweet."

On her fans

"I have the best fans. I have so many now on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter, and the numbers keep growing. It's a great way for me to connect with them and to share just a little bit of what's going on with my golf game."

On being proposed to all the time

"I couldn't even count [how many times I've been proposed to]. Like, it happens A LOT on Twitter, and at these kind of events...It's very flattering. I just kind of laugh when someone will tweet asking me to marry them. I'm just like: 'sure, I do.' It's cute."

On being a brand ambassador for Cobra-Puma

"They really think outside the box. They're fun and exciting and they have great products. It's good to be a part of that and we have a great dynamic together. It's kind of like a little family."

On featuring in events like the PGA Show

"I love interacting with fans and meeting new people. I've done a lot of modeling and other things like this now, and I think my career with that has really helped me in lots of different ways."