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16-year-old Blades Brown is contending on PGA Tour, and one new fan asked him to sign an autograph WHERE?!

May 11, 2024

Blades Brown hits a tee shot during the third round of the Myrtle Beach Classic.

Tracy Wilcox

Six years ago, at Augusta National, Blades Brown was a mere kid hoping to get a moment with his idol Jordan Spieth during a practice round. Spieth, of course, was perfect; as Blades told it on Saturday at the Myrtle Beach Classic, he bent down, spoke to him at length, and made him feel like they were friends. Maybe some magic rubbed off on Brown that day, or maybe he's just extremely talented. Because after making the cut on Friday, he didn't play like a teenager who was just happy to be there. Instead, Brown had his best round of the tournament, shooting a 66 with just a single bogey to fight his way into a tie for 22nd.

"I wish I could have more days like this when golf just feels really easy," Brown said after the round. "It was a lot of fun."

Brown said the fan support has been terrific, and one man even went so far as to ask him to sign his forehead "He took off his hat and was like, have you ever signed a forehead before?" Brown remembered. "I was like, no. I thought he was kidding, but I've signed like four shoes, so I'm keeping tally."

And though Brown isn't the same 10-year-old kid with stars in his eyes at an Augusta practice round, he hasn't stopped being a fan. In fact, he had to be talked out of going after one specific autograph.

"Shoot, I wanted one of Joel Dahmen just because I've seen him on Netflix, but Jack, my caddie, was like, 'bro, you don't need these guys' signatures, just have them as friends,' " Brown said.

Brown, a high school sophomore from Nashville, Tenn., who is ranked No. 4 in the AJGA, can't make any money from his event, but he's plainly happy just to be playing among the best in the game, and his family and friends seem to be having a blast too. He plans to use the experience as preparation for some upcoming amateur tests, like the U.S. Amateur, but even though he may not pull a Nick Dunlap at The American Express and win this week, he's already winning over fans (two of whom were of the alligator variety, who watched closely Brown on 16).

We think it may be the name—"Blades Brown" just sings, and also, there's a pretty solid track record for players whose names double as a type of golf club. Wasn't there a guy named "Woods" who had a pretty good career?