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Billy Horschel and Brandt Snedeker try to set up bet on Twitter, but outfit scripting gets in the way

May 24, 2015

Florida alum Billy Horschel was happy with the school's men's baseball team winning to advance to Sunday's SEC Championship against Vanderbilt. Of course, as a modern-day pro, that meant a celebratory tweet and a challenge to fellow modern-day pro and Vanderbilt alum Brandt Snedeker.

And of course, Snedeker responded:

Leading to this:

Leading to this:

Good idea. So it's settled then? Nope.

Oh, right, scripting. Along with being on social media, that's another crucial element of being a modern-day pro.

Apparently, Snedeker doesn't script. So Horschel repeated his predicament.

Guess we'll have to wait until the Travelers to see if either pays off the bet. In the meantime, we learned a crucial piece of information. Remember those octopus pants he wore at the 2013 U.S. Open?

Too bad.