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Billy Casper inspired one of the best letters ever to appear in Golf Digest

February 08, 2015

Since his passing on Saturday night, you may have heard about Billy Casper's remarkable playing record -- 51 PGA Tour wins, two U.S. Opens, and a Masters title. You may also know that Casper was the consummate family man, leaving behind his wife of 60 years, and a staggering 11 children and 71 (!) grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Indeed, more so than his pure putting stroke, Casper to those who knew him well was defined by his faith. He was a devout Mormon, which led to at least one creative plea in the pages of Golf Digest. The letter addressed to Casper appeared in the August 1968 issue, in the story, "Strange letters from Billy Casper's fans".

Dear Mr. Casper,I have read that you are a Mormon and that you don't smoke or drink.Statistics show that the average American male smokes 37 1/2 cartons of cigarettes and drinks 42 gallons of liquor a year.I would appreciate your sending me your unused 37 1/2 cartons of cigarettes and 42 gallons of liquor, because I do drink and smoke.

You can't blame the guy for trying.