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Billy Andrade shares a hilarious story about routinely butt-dialing Arnold Palmer

December 09, 2016

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We've all been guilty of butt-dialing. Hopefully your run-ins were innocuous, unlike the wife who mistook her husband's accidental call as a hostage situation. Billy Andrade's bottom rings to Arnold Palmer never required a SWAT team, but that didn't stop Palmer from confronting Andrade about it.

In SkratchTV's latest Champions Dinner series interview, the four-time PGA Tour winner was asked who was the most famous person in his phone. The 52 year old responded with Palmer, inspiring Andrade to admit he was prone to unwittingly call up the King.

“One time in Boston, I was in a hotel and I hung up my sport coat and in the side pocket was a Blackberry," Andrade recalls, "and I heard Arnold Palmer’s voice going, ‘Billy? Billy? Goddamnit, Billy you did it again! You did it again! Quit doing this!'”

A very human, and understandable, response. But even in anger, Palmer never ceased to retain his charm.