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Bill Murray recruited Chevy Chase to help him score weed during the filming of "Caddyshack"

October 09, 2015

More than 35 years after its release date, "Caddyshack" is still providing us with entertainment. Think some of the scenes in the classic movie were wild? They're nothing compared to the film's off-the-screen stories.

Enter Chevy Chase, who in the new National Lampoon documentary tells quite a tale involving Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield, and a late-night search for marijuana. As the story goes, Murray (and at least one of his brothers) came to Chase's Florida hotel room at about 3 a.m. looking for "grass." When Chase didn't have any, Murray enlisted the "quote-unquote star" of the film to go ask Dangerfield for some because he had more pull and a better relationship with the comedian.

Chase obliged and despite the late time, so did Dangerfield. Well, sort of. According to Chase, Dangerfield actually sold Murray "a bag of seeds." Not that that stopped the gang from smoking them. Take it away, Chevy: