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Biion is bringing rubber shoes to the course

January 22, 2014


__The brains behind Biion were looking to make a shoe that you could wear to the course, on the course, to the 19th hole and wherever you end up after that. So Wednesday at the PGA Merchandise Show, company officials released these unapologetic rubber shoes:


The upper part of the shoes are made out of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), and the outsole is made of HEXtra rubber. Basically, they kind of felt like a sturdier Croc. The ventilation holes punched along the top of the Biion shoes, and the fact that you can wear them sockless are also throwbacks to Crocs.

Right now, the shoes are available in unisex sizing. The guys at Biion say they can make a shoe with any color/print combination you could want - and after seeing leopard prints, boat anchors, and a lot of neon at their booth, I think I believe them.

The bottoms of the shoes are covered in hexagon cleats, following the spikeless golf shoe trend. And the foot beds have a pattern of small raised bumps on them, giving you a little foot massage as you walk.

As far as maintenance goes, they're machine washable. Which is pretty ideal if you basically never take the time to clean your leather golf shoes (guilty).