Bettinardi releases next generation of BB Series and Inovai putters

January 15, 2020

It's been 20 years since Robert Bettinardi introduced the BB Series to the putter world. The lineup, and company, have an ardent fan base, which can be problematic with new releases. How do you maintain the aesthetic and quality of the products your consumers fell in love with while offering the modern technology that's so imperative to today's game?

Yet Bettinardi achieved success on both fronts with its 2020 edition of the BB Series.

"I truly feel like this BB Series encompasses the core of Bettinardi.” said Bettinardi, founder of Bettinardi Golf.

The traditional elements of a Bettinardi putter are featured, highlighted by the company's "super fly" face milling pattern that provides a crisp, muted feel at impact. Additionally a flat, soft topline provides an appealing look at address.

But this year's model features more weight thanks to a heavier, stiffer, Tour-weight shaft, aiding consistency by stabilizing the stroke. A black "glacier" matte finish reduces glare off the head, with a red, white, and blue paint scheme promoting a patriotic motif.


Alongside the BB series, Bettinardi also released its latest iteration to the Inovai line. The mallet features more visible technology than the BB thanks to its utilization of multi-materials. An aluminum, anodized blue body is paired with a stainless steel face, the dichotomy serving as an alignment aid and framing tool. Similar to the BB, a stiffer shaft than previous models stabilizes the stroke, and Bettinardi's milling process eliminates more than 50 percent of material from the face, which provides soft, consistent sound and feel at impact.

“It’s a special putter for me," said Sam Bettinardi, vice president of Bettinardi Golf. "From taking the initial feedback from Tour, to working alongside my father on the engineering side, reversing our bi-metal technology for a more solid feeling MOI putter with a one-piece Crescent neck, I believe together we have developed a break-through in putter feel, design, and technology.”

All will be offered in a special dark out color scheme with a matching premium Made in USA headcover and premium grip.

The BB Series is available for pre-order at $300, while the Inovai 6.0 is listed at $400.