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Bettinardi releases limited-run Queen B putter and new HLX 3.0 wedge

January 21, 2020

Bettinardi is a name synonymous with short-game excellence. Its latest edition to its lineup—a limited-run Queen B 6 SBS—does little to dispel that notion.

But Bettinardi's prowess is not confined to the dance floors, as we are reminded by the company's release of the HLX 3.0 wedge.

Founder Robert Bettinardi has totally redesigned the technology and appearance of the HLX model. The head is forged from carbon steel, a move to enhance the softness of the club in feel and at impact. Bettinardi used the same milling process found on its putters to the grind of the sole. This process allows for more consistency and uniformity in the line, while allowing for maximum versatility and forgiveness around the green.

Additionally, Robert's son Sam reconstructed the C-grind, which has a higher heel and toe for added relief.

The aforementioned precision-milling technique was also employed on the face, removing material to improve groove depth with spacing that pushes USGA limits. This added 20 percent of surface metal allows the ball to move past the center of gravity and produce a more aggressive spin for increased distance control.

High-bounce options were added in the 56, 58 and 60 degree clubs, and the HLX 3.0 boasts new finishes in chrome and "black smoke."

Pre-orders on Bettinardi’s HLX 3.0 wedges begin Jan. 21 while worldwide shipping starts from April 10.


As for the Queen B 6 SBS, the putter features a one-piece milled slant neck on the club head, a move made for players seeking slightly less offset and more toe hang. Additionally, a small cutout was milled into the flange for alignment help.

Like the wedge, the putter head is milled from a soft carbon steal for optimal feel. Bettinardi's patented "honeycomb" face milling is still present, instilling the classic firm feel and feedback that its users love about the company. The Queen B 6 SBS is finished in black to help reduce glare.

The QB6 SBS is a limited production model and will be available through the 2020 season while available.