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Try this simple exercise to protect you from back pain

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When it comes to nagging lower-back pain, stretching is a great start, but you need more than flexibility to have a healthy back. Warning: Back pain can indicate a serious problem that requires a doctor’s care, but for minor discomfort related to golf, adding strength training for the back into your routine can help. And it doesn’t have to be extensive or grueling. Consistent training and good form are the keys.

This back exercise from GolfForever founder Jeremy James is perfect for golfers of any age or skill level and requires only a yoga mat. Follow along with James for a breakdown of his glute-bridge exercise that will help you improve your hip mobility and strengthen the muscles responsible for supporting your spinal column and adding power to your swing.

Start on your back with your knees up and arms by your side, palms flat on the floor. Set your heels into the mat and point your toes to the sky as you engage your core and glutes. In a single motion, drive your pelvis up off the mat and hold for several seconds. The secret to this exercise is spinal stability. Instead of rolling your spine to lift your pelvis, keep your low back flat and think about making a hip-hinge motion to move your hips up and down. Do 5-10 reps, and focus on smooth, controlled movement.

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