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Best Zach Johnson photo of all-time? Best Zach Johnson photo of all-time

November 17, 2015

The claret jug has seen some things.

The British Open award was dented by a Tom Watson practice swing. It was left at a Minnesota banquet by Tom Lehman. The trophy has held Phil Mickelson's $40,000 wine, Stewart Cink's Coca-Cola and Zach Johnson's, um, corn.

But hanging out with the guys from Duck Dynasty? That, my friends, is a memory:

Judging by the photo, the dude on the left -- sorry, I've never seen Duck Dynasty -- has no idea what the claret jug is, or, perhaps, doesn't know Zach Johnson. Which is fine, because we're guessing Johnson doesn't watch too much reality television.

Either way, move over, corn holder. There's a new best Zach Johnson photo in town.