Editors' Choice: Gear & GadgetsApril 12, 2017

Best Video Cameras For Golfers

The selfie is a permanent part of golf's fabric, whether you're making a video of your swing or capturing the golf trip of a lifetime. We graded cameras in three categories—the best stand-alone models for consumer and professional use, and the best one integrated with your smartphone. The winners offered the best combination of features, value and ease of use, and they all make it easy to share your creativity.

If you're using a camera to record your swing, one of the limitations has been that you have to stop what you're doing to look at the results on video. Not anymore. The LiveView Golf camera sets up behind you—either on your bag or on an optional tripod—and relays a live feed to your iPad or smartphone on the ground in front of you via an app. You can make reference lines, check your target and record the results to send to your coach.

If you need more detail—or you want to stop the action on your super-fast swing—the Sony is the best combination of resolution, sensor and processing power, all in a compact, relatively affordable package. In the hands of a talented shooter, it can take magazine-quality photographs and produce high-resolution video worthy of the finest YouTube channels.

The iPhone continues to offer the best balance of power and convenience. The latest 7+ has two 12-megapixel cameras—one for wide-angle close shots and the other for distance—and it shoots video in 4K.

Video camera/consumer: LiveView Golf, $179
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Video camera/professional: Sony RX100 III, $699
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Video/smartphone: iPhone 7+, $769-$969
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