Editors' Choice: Gear & GadgetsApril 10, 2019

Best Video Cameras And Smartphones For Golfers

If you want to fix your swing, not being able to get an accurate look at it can’t be your excuse. Whether you want to use the smartphone in your pocket or buy a camera dedicated to the task, you can find technology that just a few years ago would have been found only in a university research lab.

Apple’s iPhone XS Max uses twin 12-megapixel cameras running at 60 frames per second to capture still photographs, video and slow motion at a quality that would look good on your favorite high-definition television.

If you need more flexibility for low light—or you want to become the host of the next great YouTube golf instruction show—Sony’s RX10 IV can handle high-end microphone attachments and shoot high-resolution footage even in extreme zoom settings.

Live View Golf’s personal swing camera lets you watch yourself swing on your smartphone in real time. The new-for-2019 version has triple the frame rate, so it can handle even a world long-drive champ’s swing speed without going blurry. Now, all you have to do is hit the ball.

Personal: Live View+Plus, $329
Available at LiveViewGolf.com

Professional: Sony RX10 IV, $1,599
Available at sony.com


Smartphone: Apple IPhone XS Max, $1,099
Available at apple.com