Cure Your Slice From The Inside Out

By Todd Anderson Photos by Dom Furore
September 15, 2013

FACILITY: Sea Island G.C., St. Simons Island, GA
TEACHES: Brandt Snedeker, Billy Horschel, Nick Watney
2013-14 RANK: 8 | 2011 RANK: 11

Chronic slicers start down from the top by swinging the club out, down and across the ball from the outside. They need to learn to swing out to the ball from the inside, letting their forearms roll over through impact.

Focus on keeping your upper body turned as you start down; this keeps the club to the inside. Also, your chest should stay behind the ball to prevent you from swinging steeply into impact. With your upper body behind the ball and the club coming from the inside, your right arm will rotate over your left to square the face.

A good overall feel as you go through the ball is that your arms swing past your chest. Try it, and you'll stop losing those tee shots to the right.