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What's A Good Shoulder Turn?

By Mike Adams Photos by Dom Furore
September 15, 2013

FACILITY: Hamilton Farm G.C., Gladstone, N.J.
TEACHES: Scott Langley, Briny Baird, Belen Mozo
2011 RANK: 27

I often get questions from students about shoulder turn: how much to have or how to get more. I use a simple drill to show them all they need to know.

Go down on your knees and get into your normal address position with your upper body. Turn your shoulders and hips in a simulated backswing and stop when you get to the point where your chest can't rotate any more. That's the amount of body turn you should have in your regular swing. Trying to go past that point will cause your arms and the club to collapse behind you. Not only will you not get more power, you'll find it a lot harder to hit the ball consistently.