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March 29, 2021

As early as February of last year, Ship Sticks CEO Nicholas Coleman had a bad feeling about 2020. Looking at news reports from Wuhan, China, he began to prepare “for a period of zero revenue.” Those plans included the “gut wrenching” decision to furlough about 65 percent of the company’s staff.

But Coleman’s worst-case scenario never came to be. Despite a sharp falloff in vacation travel, the golf club shipping leader had “a very good year,” he says. The explanation: The hassle-free service offered by his company becomes even more appealing in a pandemic.

“People are looking for a safer, frictionless way to travel,” Coleman says. “I could pay $30 to check my bag on the plane or $50 to ship it with us. Do I really want to be sitting in baggage claim with my family waiting for my bag?”

Ship Sticks is truly easy to use. You schedule the service online, print out your shipping label, and either wait for pickup or drop off your clubs at a FedEx, UPS or DHL store. The company will deliver them directly to your destination. The more time you can give the company to get your clubs there, the cheaper it will be.

Lately, the 11-year-old company has been building its non-golf business, too. In 2019, it acquired Luggage Free to go along with its existing ShipGo luggage business, and it also operates a service called Ship Skis. But golf remains its core. And Coleman is optimistic about the game’s future. “People on the sidelines of golf found themselves playing during the pandemic and they loved it,” he says. “We think a massive, massive explosion is coming in golf travel.”


Ship Sticks, $40 to $65 for one-way standard ground shipping