Editors' Choice: Travel & Golf Services
March 24, 2020

Best Golf Club Shipper

In the 10th year of Ship Sticks’ existence, it’s likely that most golfers know about the company making a name for itself in the club-shipping category. What you might not know is that the company has expanded beyond golf clubs. Beyond its basic service of shipping golf clubs, which it can do directly to a golf club or resort for $40 to $65 for one-way ground shipping, the company has expanded into skiing with Ship Skis. Since last year, the company has expanded its resort service to include the winter sport, similarly working with resorts to coordinate the shipping of customers’ skis from one place to another. For anyone who has traveled for a ski trip, lugging your skis is similarly, if not more, annoying than golf clubs.

The nicest part about the company’s services is that it will track your bag and expedite the shipment if an on-time arrival appears in jeopardy. And if you’d like, the company will schedule a carrier to pick up your clubs. Sure, airlines are becoming better at getting your delayed bags to you, but Ship Sticks is a golf company devoted to making sure your clubs make it to the first tee on your trip. That’s the type of service we expect.

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Ship Sticks, $40 to $65 for one-way standard ground shipping