Editors' Choice: Travel & Golf ServicesApril 12, 2017

Best Golf Club Shipper

As most major airlines are adding improvements such as electronic tagging and mobile alerts to their baggage-shipping process, Ship Sticks is positioning itself to be a more ideal way for golfers to ship clubs. Currently, golfers must schedule pick-ups ahead of time—entering the destination of the bag online and printing a label to place on the travel bag. Then the customer must drop it off at UPS or FedEx (pick-ups are also available from private clubs).

Ship Sticks' new development this spring will simplify the process, which will allow golfers to schedule shipments through a smartphone. It'll be an efficient and convenient way to set up shipments on the fly, instead of needing to plan out the logistics. Partnerships with major golf destinations, like Pinehurst, Bandon Dunes, Pebble Beach, etc., along with the couriers doing the pick-ups, have given Ship Sticks the ability to launch this new endeavor, which the company hopes will strengthen its position as the leader in golf-club shipping.

What are the other advantages to using Ship Sticks? The company tracks each bag, and if the arrival time appears to be in jeopardy, Ship Sticks will work with the courier to push the bag through to the destination. At $40 for one-way ground shipping, the cost is competitive to a secondary baggage charge through an airline—and offers the customer service of having people who understand the time-sensitive nature of a tee time tracking the bag to your destination. The company also added the ability to ship your other luggage with your golf bag.

Ship Sticks, $49 (one-way ground shipping)
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