Editors' ChoiceApril 3, 2018

Best Cigars

Cigars are linked to golf the same way chewing tobacco and sunflower seeds are with baseball. It's not a necessary component, but certainly one that can enhance the playing—or viewing—experience. But what kind of cigar complements a day on the course? Just like deciding between chipping or putting from just off the green, the choice often comes down to individual preferences, but if you need some guidance, here's what we think makes a good golf cigar.

Paramount is that it should be handmade. If it's machine made, like those Swisher Sweets, take a pass.

A good golf cigar also should be easy to light and burn evenly for several holes. Short cigars with small ring gauges (diameter) will burn too fast. You can puff through one while waiting for two groups to finish that tough par 3.

You also should look for cigars that are mild- or medium-bodied and require little effort to smoke (known as the draw). You don't want to feel like you're trying to suck your cheeks down your throat or smoke something so dizzily strong that you see more than one ball when you stand over that crucial putt.

Last, it's important that a cigar shouldn't cost more than lunch at the turn.

Arturo Fuente Churchill Natural, $5-$6

Ashton Prime Minister, $9-$10

Diamond Crown Robusto Series No. 3 maduro, $14

Famous Smoke Shop

Macanudo Café Prince of Wales, $7-$8

Nat Sherman Host Hampton, $7-$8


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