Genesis Scottish Open

The Renaissance Club


Best Cigars

April 10, 2019

A post-round cigar is a matter of preference. Bold or mild, short or long, premium or cheap—choose whatever you like. But when you’re selecting a cigar or two to smoke during a round, just like your golf clubs, the first thing to consider is performance. What you don’t want is a cigar that burns unevenly, too quickly or struggles to stay lit. You also don’t want a dried-out cigar or one that was poorly constructed—a fraying cigar is a very unsatisfactory experience. Another cigar to avoid is one that requires extra effort to puff (known as the draw). Save your oxygen for that uphill par 5.

Now that you know what to avoid, here’s what you do want from a golf-course cigar. You want one that has healthy ring gauge (think diameter), so it takes a while to smoke. If you can make it last for nine holes, that’s a good choice. It’s also wise to smoke medium or mild cigars. Full-bodied ones just might make you feel loopy as you stand over a crucial five-footer. Finally, consider the price. Save the expensive cigars for when you’re pulling up an Adirondack chair to the firepit. When you’re on the course, something under $10 will do.


Arturo Fuente Churchill Natural, $5-$6


Ashton Prime Minister, $9-$10


Punch After Dinner, $6


Oliva Serie V Melanio Churchill, $8.50 to $10


Nat Sherman Host Hampton, $7-$8