Editors' ChoiceApril 3, 2018

Best Apps For Golfers

The best apps do more than provide a distraction during a train ride or a trip to a waiting room. The Masters app almost makes a cable package irrelevant, with its live simulcast coverage, statistics, shot tracking and extensive background information on the players and holes. You can watch the CBS tournament feed or scroll through different video channels devoted to high-profile groups, the interview room or iconic locations like Amen Corner. It's not the same as being there, but it's the next-best thing.

Shot Tracer isn't as comprehensive, but no app makes you feel more like a tour player. It uses your phone's video function to superimpose a telecast-style vapor trail on your shots down range. Now you can see exactly how far you slice it or hook it (or even top it).

If the Masters and Shot Tracer apps are the main courses, Golf Clash is dessert. You create an online persona complete with different flavors of clubs and balls and compete with online players from around the world in a series of short matches on wildly elaborate courses. The more you win, the more virtual currency you earn—which can be used to buy even better gear.

Event: The Masters Tournament, free

Game: Golf Clash, free

Service: Shot Tracer, $7


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