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Ben Affleck confirms that Tom Brady is OUT in New England (not really ... but maybe)

February 18, 2020

One of the NFL offseason's biggest questions was finally answered on Tuesday, when a legendary quarterback announced he would be returning to his team to make "another run at it." The mystery is officially over.

Drew Brees. We're talking about Drew Brees. Who did you think we were referring to?

Ohhhh, right. Tom Brady. That guy.

While the Brees announcement is a big one given he was reportedly considering retirement, it's hardly as massive as the eventual Brady announcement will be. Will he stay in New England, where he's won six Super Bowls alongside Bill Belichick? Will he go to Tennessee, a logical landing spot with a ready-made squad coached by his buddy and former teammate Mike Vrabel? Will he go home to California and replace Philip Rivers for the L.A. Chargers? Will he (GASP) go to Dallas and usurp Dak Prescott?

Unfortunately, we are no closer to an answer than we were yesterday, unless you trust Ben Affleck, one of the staunchest Brady supporters out there. On Tuesday, Affleck joined ESPN's "Get Up" and discussed TB12's impending free agency, and he revealed what Brady text both he and fellow actor Matt Damon in what we presume is an insufferable group chat of non-stop Boston sports talk. Here's the clip:

Hmmmm.... this emoji?


That's neither a confirmation nor a denial. I'd go as far to say as that means he's definitely leaving. Sorry to all the boomers out there who are smashing their keyboards in disgust over this emoji deciphering, even though nobody loves a good emoji more than a boomer who wears glasses and texts with only their dominant index finger.

So there you have it. Tom Brady is not yet OUT in New England but he's not yet IN either. Good lord, we've got another full month of this? Make it stop.