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Beloved Seinfeld character returns for the New Jersey Devils, because you gotta support the team

April 19, 2018

The core four of "Seinfield"—and if you need them named, you're reading the wrong article—is what made the show turn, but it was the secondary cast of eccentric characters that put the program over the top. We're talking Frank and Estelle Costanza, J. Peterman, Bania, George Steinbrenner...Newman...and our personal favorite, David Puddy.

How can you not be magnetized by Puddy's level-headed demeanor and monotone voice, and certainly his affinity for high-fives and Arby's doesn't hurt the cause. But if we're talking Puddy, we'd be remiss in forgetting his turn as a hardcore New Jersey Devils fan in "The Face Painter," his fandom hitting such a fever pitch that it drives a priest insane.

Though "Seinfield" has been off the air for two decades, no story continues to resonate across our cultural landscape like the "show about nothing," which is why the Internet was delighted to see the following at last night's New Jersey Devils playoff game:

Hey, gotta support the team.

Let's just hope this leads to the New York Yankees putting Jason Alexander in a box for their next Red Sox series. Considering the Pinstripes are already seven games behind in the win column, every little bit helps.