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Belen Mozo is way fitter than you. Check out her workouts

December 22, 2015

You probably know that the vast majority of players on pro tours take working out seriously. And with everyone so into social media right now we don’t have to hypothesize what their workouts look like. We can actually see them in action.

So how fit do you have to be on the LPGA Tour? Look no further than Belen Mozo’s Instagram, where lately she’s been posting a lot of videos of her working out. And her exercises are pretty cool.

Let’s take a look at what she’s doing -- beyond being stronger than you.

Upper body: Pretty much every muscle in her arms from her shoulders to her fingers are working in this one. Shoulder flexibility is key.

Core: This is a plank on steroids. Balancing on that medicine ball while bringing the other knee forward? Not easy. That's some serious core strength at work.

Lower body: You've probably seen people working out with bands, but have you seen anyone do it while on a treadmill? This one is good for lower back and booty strength - all important to keep your body in position during the swing.

Also lower body: It's like a lunge, but a backwards lunge, where neither foot leaves the floor. Hip flexor, glutes, quad - all the big muscles take on a lot in this exercise. It's all about control and staying in the right position. Sound familiar?