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Being In A Fairway Bunker Isn't The End. Here's How To Salvage Your Hole

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You’ve heard the little phrase Thin to win, right? You’re going to want to apply it to your fairway bunker shots. If you catch it fat, you could find yourself still in the bunker, where if you catch less sand (ie, hit it thin), you’re going to get more distance.

These tips from swing coach Jeff Ritter are going to put your body in the right position to hit it thin and far out of fairway bunkers.

First, when you set up, put the ball in the middle of your stance, and shift your weight forward. Grip down a little on your club. This will help keep you from hitting it fat, because the bottom of your swing arc is going to shallow out higher than usual.

When you’re looking at the ball, look at the front half of it. Looking at the front of the ball gives you the sensation of hitting that first, so you’ll hit the ball before the sand.

As you swing, don’t take it all the way back. Stop your swing at about three-quarters of the way back, and make sure you’re making a controlled motion.

If you can put all of these little tips together, you’re going to find yourself picking the ball right out of fairway bunkers, and back into play.