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Behold the incredible new scoreboard the Colorado Rockies bought to celebrate their 25th anniversary

January 31, 2018

This is the time of year when people scrap together whatever cash they have left over from Christmas to buy new TVs ahead of the Super Bowl. But it sounds like the best place to watch the big game this year might be on the Colorado Rockies' giant, new scoreboard. Behold this modern marvel:

OK, so watching outdoors at Coors field in February might not be the best idea (and that's actually just a rendering), but what a screen. The size (8,369 square feet) is impressive enough, but how about the design? That's state-of-the-art art right there.

According to, the Rockies are paying for the Daktronics creation to celebrate the team's 25th anniversary season, but didn't disclose how much it costs. Considering it's the size of 784 60-inch TVs, we're betting the Rockies spent more than your entire state did at Best Buy this month.